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Telecommunications standards: telcordia gr- 1209- core ( splitters only), telcordia gr- 1221- core ( splitters only) suitability suitability - indoor: yes transmission characteristics ( connectivity) transmission specifications: splitter config. test report a test report shall be provided with each module including the following measured data in a paper document;. 12, qa assistant manager hmyi aug. these products have passed test in accordance with the telcordia gr- 1221- core which is required for the passive optical components. — enterprise license restrictions. 657 class a type bend insensitive fibers charles fiber splitter trays are used by fttx network engineers to deploy a distributed split architecture. specifications subject to change without notice. splitters are telcordia gr- 1209- core and gr- 1221- core compliant • fiber input and outputs are itu- t g. test method used : telcordia gr- 1221- core: 19gg ( high temp.

xls coupler tests according to telcordia gr- 1221/ gr- 1209 1. telecordia gr- 1221- core for passive fiber optic component reliability. 7 extended thermal cycling - 40˚ c + 70˚ c 100 cycles 84 days gr- 326 4. 0 mm pvc fc/ pc type single- mode optical fiber pigtail assemblies/ jumper cable assembles title name signature date test engineer guigui aug. 1) telcordia gr- 1209, generic requirements for fiber optic branching components. the elapsed time between power application and achievement of 90% of steady state value of the new switch.

2) telcordia gr- 1221, generic reliability assurance requirement for passive optical components. procedures described in telcordia gr- 326- core [ 3], telcordia gr- 1221- core [ 4], and mil- std- 883e [ 5] were also used were appropriate. some of the requirements within each gr can refer to other gr specs with in the documents. labels are included for easy identification of connectors and modules. storage test), gr- 1209- core: ( criteria: il rl 6. 2 vibration, eia/ tiamodule impact, etc ( if installed indoor). buying ovens and freezers to do the long term storage tests will free- up your test chambers for the more complex tests. 10: fungus resistance astm g21 rating 0 21 days.

the test results demonstrated that the opm devices meet the criteria set forth in gr- 468 [ 2] for the. see restrictions on title page. of elcordia t grcore and grcore. qualification telcordia gr- 1221- core and gr- 1073- core 1. parking capacity is maximized with a dedicated parking door that offers quick field parking of new mod- ules. accelerated environmental tests are described in 6. for instance within the gr- 326 requirement you must use a cable that is gr- 20 and/ or gr- 409. reliability requirements for passive optical components gr– 1221– core notice of disclaimer issue 2, january 1999 iv this gr is not to be construed as a suggestion to anyone to modify or change any of its products or services, nor does this gr represent any commitment by anyone, including, but. gr- 63- core • gr- 1089- core • gr- 1221- core • nebs • fcc class b post- amp line amp line amp pre- amp potential dcm sites potential amplifier sites span span span.

add an additional 0. 4: salt spray 35˚ c 5% 7 days gr- 326 4. gr- 20 replaced ta- nwt- 000020, tr- nwt- 000020, tr- tsy- 000944, and tr. optical components gr 1221 core pdf such as splitters, wdm, cwdm, dwdm and circulators ( to name a few) all fall under gr- 1209 and gr- 1221. gr- 1221, issue 3, presents the telcordia view of proposed generic reliability assurance requirements for passive optical components, and is directed toward an equipment supplier' s design engineering, manufacturing, procurement, and reliability/ quality organizations. telcordia gr- 326- core service life testing report for 3. sm dual- window fiber optic couplers: high stability & reliability low insertion loss designed & manufactured to meet the telcordia gr- 1221- core requirements.

test results refer to test results. relative humidity : ( 50 ± 5) % wavelengthnm test sertinn, pass [ tem temp. also touch on evolution of the standards ( recently added requirements for anti- fungus) telcordia gr1209 & gr- 1221 standards outline the generic criteria for passive optical components to ensure continuous operation of the components over its lifetime. il ( db) uniformity ( db) pdl ( db) directivity ( db) rl ( db) 1 x 8 10. similar to gr- 1209- core, conditions in gr- 1221- core testing aims to qualify passive optical components. to meet this test standard, you will need to invest in multiple chambers. telecordia gr- 49- core for outdoor network interface devices.

couplers performance tested to gr- 1221 core • stand- alone, passive fiber splitter module • steel and aluminum construction with non- skid feet • fused biconic or planar lightwave couplers available • variety of fiber types and split ratios available • variety of fiber bulkheads and polishes available features. gr- 1209- core list of figures issue 4, september x telcordia technologies, inc. telcordia grcore qualified • athermal - external temperature control not required. occ1pnnnqrif © commscope, inc. an introduction to gr’ s history and objective of implementation of the standard. 3: airborne contaminants 20 days gr- 771 5.

telecordia gr- 1209- core for passive fiber optic components. splitters installed in a fdh must resist different weather conditions ( if installed outdoor) and structural hazards such as gr- 1221 section 6. this document is not a telcordia report but represents one example of the reliability testing. gr- 1221- core states that the ultimate qualification of an epoxy type adhesive is the responsibility of the fabricator of the optical system. applications: • dwdm transmission • wavelength routing • optical add/ drop multiplexing. gr- 1221- core differs from gr- 1209- core because the requirements are meant to ensure reliability ( extensive use over a large amount of time) of a product while in use for optical equipment and network applications. 1x8 c has 2 4- core fiber ribbon 1x8 d has 1 8- core fiber ribbon ordering information example: apspl- p0108a1: 1x8 grade a splitter module with fc/ spc connectors ports 1x4 1x8 c 1x8 d 1x16 1x32 lwt 4 2 • www.

all rights reserved. issue 2 reliability requirements for passive optical components january 1999 contents v gr- 1221- core reliability requirements for passive optical components. all trademarks identified by ® or ™ are registered trademarks,. storage t this test sampling il units. telecordia gr- 326- core for fiber optic connectors. buy gr 1221 core : issue 3 generic reliability assurance requirements for passive optical components from sai global. diffraction gratings for optical communication are the components which take a key role in communication network system in the long term, and high reliability is demanded of them. telecordia gr- 487- core for enclosures. features and benefits industry- leading cabinet size. the standards specify performance tests to reflect a. optical parameter parameter unit bellcore bellcore foc- qtr gr- 1209- core gr- 1209- core ( wic 1x2 50% ) is.

designed to meet gr 3123- core, gr 3125- core, gr- 771- core connectors exceed gr 326- core splitters exceed gr 1209- core and gr 1221- core color: light gray specifications the futurelinktm ucs series of ˜ ber terminals and enclosures is our full- size solution for indoor/ outdoor ˜ ber deployment in residential, commercial, and single or multiple. specified without connectors. com © enablence technologies inc. designed and tested to gr- 3123- core, gr- 3125- core, and gr2898 connectors exceed gr 326- core splitters exceed gr 1209- core and gr 1221- core color: light gray specifications the futurelinktm fits series of ˜ ber terminals and enclosures is our mid- size solution for indoor/ pdf outdoor ˜ ber deployment. specifications: parameter.

the gr- 326 gr 1221 core pdf test plan. 9: uv resistance uvb 313 nm 65˚ c 20% strength reduction 90 days gr- 771 5. the above test method described in gr- 1221- core is based on mil- std- 883, method, with the following conditions: • number of shocks: 5 times per direction for 6 directions ( on 3 axes) • shock level: 500g • duration: 1 ms the voa must not incur physical damage according to gr- 1209- core § 5. optic power monitors [ 1] for c band applications ( opmx) under telcordia gr- 468- core [ 2] requirements. telecommunications standards telcordia gr- 1209- gr 1221 core pdf core ( splitters only), telcordia gr- 1221- core ( splitters only) suitability: suitability - indoor yes transmission characteristics ( connectivity) : transmission specifications splitter config. testing environment temperature ( 23. gr- 1209- core better ensures that the splitter provides adequate optical signal to multiple outputs during operation.

compliance gr- 1221- core / gr- 1209- core note: modules with multiple splitters ( 2x16, 2x32) have the same specifications as a module with a single splitter. gr- 1221- core: for passive optical components: the above list is not intended to be inclusive of all telcordia generic requirements that require environmental testing. * loss values provided do not include connectors. 8 recommendations. gr 78 core : issue 2 : generic requirements for the physical design and manufacture of telecommunications products and equipment: gr 1221 core : issue 3 : generic reliability assurance requirements for passive optical components: gr 1377 ilr : issue 3a : sonet oc- 192 transport system issues list report: gr 198 core : issue 2.

each splitter module features connectorized inputs and out- puts. 3 wavelength nmil- max db 4, 1 4, 2 3, 6 il- min db 2, 6 uniformity db 0, 8 0, 6 0, 8 rl dbd db. 3 db for operation over the specified wavelength range, operating temperature range, and all states of polarization. qualification depends upon maintaining optical integrity throughout an appropriate test regimen. the following data has been measured according to the telcordia testing specification gr- 1221- core, issue 2 to demonstrate the 1064 nm high power polarization maintaining isolator ( c- type package) meets industrial reliability standards. com for more information visit www. telecordia gr- 468- core for gr 1221 core pdf optoelectronic systems.

telcordia_ 1221_ overview. connector loss = 0. aoc bellcore gr- 468- core qualification 850nm vcsel lc tosa 850nm receiver lc rosa 1300nm receiver lc rosa lc- ofe subassemblies scope and overview this report summarizes the test assessment results for aoc lc tosa and rosa products to verify product reliability compliance with the bellcore ( telcordia) gr- 468- core standard.

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